Life Sensing
Consortium (LSC)

A collaborative network of researchers who use sensing technologies to conduct interdisciplinary sensing research to promote positive life outcomes.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Researchers affiliated with the Life Sensing Consortium are an interdisciplinary group representing several scientific disciplines, including the social, computer, and engineering sciences. The Life Sensing Consortium developed out of an earlier initiative, called CampusLife, which brought researchers together from around the nation who were focused on sensing lifestyles of student communities on college campuses.

The Life Sensing Consortium builds on these efforts in the following ways: (1) designates an online space where sensing resources can be shared among LSC researchers and with the broader research community, and (2) expands the scope to include other community members (working adults, the elderly).

Broader Aims

Conducting High Impact Interdisciplinary Sensing Research

Building an Intellectual Community

Supporting Open Science Practices

Acquiring Research Funding



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Saeed Abdullah

Assistant Professor, Penn State.

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Gabriella Harari

Assistant Professor, Stanford.

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Edison Thomaz

Assistant Professor, UT Austin.